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WPA Dioramas from the Pony Express Museum to Be Featured at the Beach Art Museum

On May 10, 2023, our Pony Express Barn & Museum was abuzz with activity as representatives from various Kansas museums visited to meticulously photograph our treasured WPA dioramas. The ladies spent around six hours cleaning and photographing the eight dioramas, six showcasing Native American scenes and two featuring Spanish explorers. Their dedication and careful attention to detail were impressive, reflecting their commitment to preserving these pieces of history.


These photographs will soon form part of an exciting new exhibit called "To the Stars Through Art: A History of Art Collecting in Kansas Public Schools, 1900-1950" which runs August 22, 2023 – May 11, 2024, focusing on the Works Progress Administration (WPA) at the  Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art on the Kansas State University campus. It's an honor for our pieces to be included in this tribute to a significant era in American history.


While the photography session was underway, two of our dedicated board members were hard at work on some necessary repairs to the diorama cases, ensuring they remain in prime condition to house these historical gems. We also had the pleasure of hosting the local newspaper editor from The Marysville Advocate, who came to interview the photographers.


The day was a wonderful blend of preservation and innovation, reminding us all of the timeless value of our historical artifacts and the importance of sharing them with wider audiences. We look forward to seeing our dioramas featured in the upcoming Beech Art Museum exhibit and are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this significant project.


Please browse the images to get a glimpse of the day's activities and stay tuned for more updates on the exhibit's opening later this year.

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