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Lois Cohorst

History of Frank Marshall

Sunday, June 11, 2023


Lois Cohorst presented the intriguing history of Frank Marshall, the founder of Marysville, Kansas to a group of 56 eager audience members.


Make sure to watch the video of her talk. Dive into the story of a man with roots in Scotland and Ireland who became a significant figure in the American West. From establishing a crucial ferry crossing point for settlers, naming a town after his wife, and venturing into successful mining operations in Colorado, Frank Marshall's life was full of adventure and business ventures. His story also touches on controversial topics of the time, including his ownership of slaves and conflicts with other influential figures like John Brown and Horace Tabor. Lois Cohorst brings the past to life using information from a book written by Frank Marshall's daughter, Mary. Now you can explore the rich tapestry of American history and the fascinating life of Frank Marshall.

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History of Frank Marshall

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