Koester House


Set just one block south off the crossroads of Highway 36 and 77, the Koester House Museum and Gardens is a beautiful showcase of Victorian life. Charles F. Koester arrived in Marysville on August 7, 1860. In 1876, he married Sylvia Broughton, a local school teacher. He gifted her with the first of his many transformations of the house and grounds for a wedding present. Today, the home contains three generations of furnishings, some of them in their original locations. The gardens contain 12 white bronze sculptures. Several of the trees and flowers can also be seen where Charles planted them. 

Hours of operation: Mon-Sat-10 to 4:00 PM  Sun-1 to 4:00PM April through Oct.

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A majority of the posts on our facebook page contain excerpts from the daily diaries that Mr. Koester wrote from 1876 to 1902. It also highlights activities happening at the museum. 

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Public tours will close October 31

After that date call in to schedule a Private Tour